We’ve put this short video questionnaire together to help you decide if being a Member Pioneer is right for you.

You’re about to watch eight short videos to give you an idea of the different responsibilities involved. After each video you’ll be asked to choose the response that best describes you.

Active role in community

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Please watch the video and answer the question that will follow

We’ve shown you some of the key things we are looking for in our Member Pioneers, if you think it sounds like you, then we’d love you to apply!

If you don’t think that it is right for you, there are still lots of ways which you can get involved with the Co-op and making a difference in your local community.

  • become a member
  • nominate a cause for the Local Community Fund
  • support your local Co-op Member Pioneer when they’re appointed
  • log in to your membership account to find ways to join in online or in your community to help us develop our products and services
  • support our campaign to tackle loneliness by getting involved in local activity or becoming a volunteer

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